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Welcome to Atherton Hockey 2019

We’d like to extend a welcome back to our players and families and a huge welcome to our new players and parents in 2019. We are excited to have you a part of our hockey family.

How we get information out there:

We understand everyone like’s information in different ways. We will send information out via email (once everyone is registered online we will have a current & comprehensive list), via our website and via FaceBook, so please follow our page… We hope to reach all demographics this way. We have monthly meetings, which you are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Online registration:  All registrations and payments are done online. * Hockey Qld/Hockey Aus registration is mandatory as this covers your insurance and affiliation fees.

You can register at any time here:

If you have a Get Started Voucher please contact us and we will assist you to register. Payment plans also available on request.

Just log in to Hockey Australia (for returning players,you will be prompted to create a new password due to a new games portal) or register, and follow the prompts.

Please message or email us with any issues and we will work hard to sort them out for you.

A reminder that all registrations and payment must be completed before taking the field on our first scheduled game on Saturday 16th March.

Divisions and player information: 

*Please note – age for ATHA playing divisions is determined at 1st Jan of the playing year; unlike registration age division which is determined by Hockey Qld. We will consider reclassification of playing divisions based on age, skill etc.

DIVISIONS:                                                                                 GAME TIME each week (subject to confirmation)

Minkies (Under 8’s or new to hockey)                                       10.00 am

DIV 2 (Under 12) – 4 mixed teams                                              11.30 am

DIV 1 (Under 16) – 4 mixed teams                                                1.15 pm

LADIES (17+) – 4 teams                                                                2.30 pm

VETS LADIES (35+) – 4 teams                                                   4.00 pm

  • We encourage new players in all divisions. Chat to your family and friends; bring them along for a look.
  • Coach development – we are hoping to offer some coaching clinics this year for our coaches and players. Some of the things this covers are game structure, tactics, positioning and game plan information.
  • Teams – coaches in DIV 1 & DIV 2 work together to make sure an even spread of talent and experience is found in each team. They will attempt to ensure even numbers; while trying to accommodate family’s needs.
  • Training times and locations are determined by the coaches; please refer to your coach for these details. Once teams are finalised, we will get this information out to all families.
  • Coaches are usually parents and all volunteers, so please help them out where and when you can.
  • The canteen is operated completely by volunteers as our primary funding source. Each week we rotate the roster of parents/teams to staff the canteen based on the teams drawn to play on Field 1. This allows parents to do their turn in canteen and still see their child play hockey. Points will be deducted from teams not honouring their canteen duties. Please volunteer as much time as you can, an extra hand is always appreciated. WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR A CANTEEN MANAGER, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION! Our Bar manager is Chrissie Mehmet and it open from 12 noon each Saturday.
  • Umpiring is crucial to our game. We try to provide courses and mentoring regularly. Umpires are rotated each week on a team basis, meaning if it is your teams turn to umpire your coach/captain should organise volunteers. Failure to do so can mean games are not able to proceed on time. Points will be deducted from teams not honouring their umpiring duties. Those who wish to try umpiring can volunteer and will be supported to develop and gain certification.
  • Committee meetings occur each month throughout the season and each team is required to have a representative to attend. All key decisions are made at these meetings therefore it is imperative for your team to be involved in this process. Team managers and or coaches should ensure your team is represented at each meeting. Meetings are generally held on the 3rd Saturday each month (during the season) either in the morning or afternoon, keep an eye out for the time advertised each month.
  • Communication Events, news and information are sent out via email and posted on our website and FaceBook page.

If you’re not sure about something, please just ask us!

Looking forward to a great season!! heart

Shirley Godfrey & Pamela Clearwater 

ATHA President         ATHA Vice President.